Do you still play dota?

Do you play or watch more nowadays? I know some people who haven’t touched the game in a year or two but still will watch TI or highlights. I play way more than I watch but this game is the shit

I don’t play.

i still got it installed but i havent played more than an hour in over a year.

I have a computer again for the first time in years, but I never turn it on. Maybe I’ll watch some TI and get an itch to play

I haven’t played much at all since 2015 or even earlier. been playing wow since legion (omegalul) but i killed mythic argus so maybe thats something

mostly just watch cuz it soothes my autism but i play occasionally, prob would more with the nadota bros

i still play a lil. took a 2 yr break tho

same lol im so rusty mang wtf are all these new items

i’m playing a lot but i plan to quit in september for school

Congratulations Laughs

thanks sweaty

I play dota with nihil and we have a lot of fun and we beat up enemies and cast powerful spells and laugh and have a lot of fun

Haven’t played dota in years but going to ti / still watch it now and again

I stopped playing but I play here and there

i still played a decent amount until like 2 or 3 months ago now i dont really play very often mostly just party q with bad friends

when friends hit me up im happy to play with them, mostly because i like the time we spend. but on my own… maybe 3 games a week.

i watch big tournaments only when optic and fnatic play but only optic tbh

I play every single day with @Nmagane and @anon75925521

Not allowed to uninstall dota because of @kaptenrobert

Is “because I’m idiotic self destructive masochist” a valid answer? It seems like there is no other reason



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