I really love documentaries

I'm gonna post some of my favourites here as I remember them

I'd love if other people did the same, either what they're watching currently or what their favourites are

to start, this is a 7 hour long EXTREMELY well made documentary about Tsarist Russia during the Romanov Dynasty, these are absolutely amazing. beautiful production value.

Really watchable, enjoyable, and educational. One of my favourites I've ever seen.

this one is fascinating

as is the counter documentary made by the Venezuelan elites

personally I have a hard time trusting anything these guys in the 2nd film have to say, but none the less it's interesting to watch the first followed by the second

here's a really detailed reddit post regarding Chavez/Maduro/Venezuela

I'm still not really sure how I feel about this because I know how well funded anti socialist/communist think tanks are and how effective they are at painting things in a certain light, but it's interesting to read none the less.

I haven't watched this yet but I will be soon, has anyone seen it already? Can they speak to its accuracy and watch-ability?

6 parts ~6 hours worth every minute

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will watch, thanks

one of the most powerful anti-war films ever made imo

not a documentary but I figure it belongs here

Threads is better but I've watched the day after like 3 times

If the day after left you fucked up after you wathed it threads will do 10x that

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I wouldn't watch it in a bad state of mind it's more visceral than any horror movie i've seen

this one I’m assuming? Yeah if I feel up to it sometime I’ll watch it

I agree with you about these movies being way worse than horror

yeah thats it

Who's in for a group watch

At 2x speed this will take 1 hour

Is Bret Weinstein legit?

Also really enjoy a well made documentary. Has to have a good host though. In my opinion without a great story teller, everything sounds flat.

What's your Instagram

I had one but I don't use it at all. Blog post I made about posting shit on instagram was a joke.


Also what does this have to do with documentaries?

Yeah somewhat

"All of our mice are broken" was a fun Portal episode

he has spent his life doing interesting stuff in evolutionary biology/academia

but most famous for the evergreen state college riots. Which is kind of a shame