Donner Mafia Graveyard

I made the original gay yard chat in chatzy cuz i was making mafia chat but ur right iaafr no point in using that lmao sorry

kyle scum
stove rora faz nyte town

are my current reads

im still completely unspoiled including the nk flips

poor ian

i was really rootin for ya. won my 2nd game of mafia on the site as SK in donners party just getting lucky. I guess you were too loud x(

That’s how my games usually go

Do ok or get lynched d1

Kyle Faz scum

Very EZ

that was pretty ballsy of faz

but his confidence will probably give it away that his claim isnt real…

Fakeclaim in this setup is not that useful for town

I was town btw

but it wouldnt be very Faz-like of Faz to admit he ate a PR

I hardread faz as scum the first day

Now I’m not that sure anymore

i could see it being faz and kyle

i mostly gave him credit for calling kyle out but it couldve just been distancing and him thinking kyle sucked d1

It’s like a 15 player game, it’s going to be potentially 5-6 day long, there’s only 2 goons, no SK and a shitload of townies, he’s not going to stay alive for more than a day or two as an outed cop

If he wanted to win as scum he would never have done this

yeah faz calling kyle out was smart

pretty sure they’re both scum