Donner Party Day 2


Everyone awakens and it seems like some people have disappeared. SCSF and ian must have just wandered off, never to be seen again

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@mafiabot startday 6088

@mafiabot vc

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LuckyArtist, faZ, insom, bazingaboy, KrazyKat, osiris, iaafr, SCSF, epok,

Alive Players - 9

Majority Vote - 5


Day has started. I'm going to talk to Roragok about why it seems to have confused SCSF with sdad.

Let me be clear: @SCSF is not alive. @sdadasdas is alive

Day ends 2020-08-08T03:00:00Z

Well inson is scum for sure eh

Bazinga is scum 100%, likely with insom

And kkat is sk, that's why he was looking for maf team so hard yesterday

And fuck nyte for showing up so late. That shit was just so scummie.

Like how are you going to put such a shit effort as town, dont fucking join next time. Absolutely pathetic

I'll need to reread on that, but go ahead explain your "faz is with insom" eod @bazingaboy

I have no clue how you all ended up flipping on nyte over kkat

And especially faz when he said he would rage if town flipped onto nyte and she was vt

Explain yourself sir or I will be forced to lynch you

Nyte showed up 5 minutes before Eod and didnt do shit pretty much pissed me off.

And I didnt want to miss out on hammering scum nyte

Honestly I dont even regret it cause fuck low activity shit cans I despise them

I would 10/10 hammer insom if she didn't show up eod at all.

Did you read the game yet?

How did vigi not fucking eat insom I dont get it.

Unless vigi got scsf?

I can see both kills to be dietitian hunts to be honest. Scsf or ian could have been town PR hunts.