Donner Party Day 2


I'll shade you as much as I want buddy, what made you scumread me?

I dont, i just dont town read you, and youre in the process of elimination pool

people who ask "why me?!" are usually scum though so yeah youre probably donezo

Did you also scumread jdance before he got subbed?

yes, my vote was on him and is continuing to be on him but im willing to switch to anyone in epok sadada osiris kkat

i mean in a vacuum coming to vote eod on v/v wagons and shading two town isnt typically a scum move

Fyi I'll just keep voting bazinga until he is no longer in the game

and yea the constant jdance/osiris scumread checks out

osiris/jdance seems like a low hanging fruit mislynch to me

go ahead ddue i have achieved zen and dont care, im living my best mafia life and you can make yourself look as silly as you want.

not sure why you roleblocked insom though if you thought i was scum. why not me?

Fuck you

I dont talk to scum

idk ive started buying the theory that jdance was more likely to sub out as mafia who was salty he was being voted for policy rather than real reasons

Especially the scum that doesnt read the game

i mean that aside osiris has done nothing worthy of a tr yet

my comfort lynch today is still possibly ultimately kkat (more sk equity so would remove scum kp by 1, just the most outright scummy overall in my book)

and kkat was still the person most likely to nk scsf in particular i think?

No bazinga is

not sure why but this post gave me deja vu

i think i made a similar post yesterday lol