Donner Party Day 2

What were his main reads? He just threw a random vote on osiris/jdance without any reasoning, so that can't be it. Insom was the one read he kind of explained. I did not townread bazinga D1, only reason I had him as townlean is that I thought he might be a PR.

His whole day 1 seems flat as fuck, and his day 2 is the same (only confident in townreads,
scumreads are a product of process of elimination)

just jdance

thing is he almost never gives reasons for his scumreads

but i mean sure i wont veto killing him

just hanging onto this townread for potential cred or potentially looking dumb and pocketed

I have great trouble believing VT bazinga would be this fucking non-opinionated and his only wish is to grab a fruit that's laying on the ground that has already been infested by worms

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I say fuck bazinga and just lynch his ass

You still didn't answer my question, what read did you consider his "main" read? for me that seems like insom

his main read is the person he voted for most of the day and said who he wouldve preferred to lynch d1, jdance/osiris

idk how thats not clear

every time you insist jdance is obvious lhf as if its obvious he's town it makes me more paranoid of you/osiris as a team

That's a scum thing to do over town.

If you tunnel someone you try to get others on board to follow you. Instead he just bitch votes an easy lynch and says nothing.

Like dude if I want someone gone, he ll be gone. Even if I have to pop few blood vessels on my eye balls

i mean ill admit it is kind of an issue hes not yelling at people to follow him and

this kinda felt off because "luckily he is a pr" shouldnt quite apply when the person in question is like tunneling and trying to kill you

That phrase was sort of how I felt about insom, good to remove a confirmed town from poe. Better than having a scumread vt.

Bazinga didnt even read the game bro.

what makes you say that

he started posting before fully caught up but he said he caught up in like his 4th or 5th post of this day

Cause he said why did I role block insom over him bro


i can see LBJ+bazinga, my psychoanalysis on bazinga tells me he wouldn't actually townread LBJ for the reasons he told us (mindmeld on nyte)

plausible tbh

worth noting that I see @KrazyKat in the online tab every time I take a look

the downfalls of not having a private profile

@KrazyKat You want to join town as an honorary vigi as SK?

stop angleshooting my partner youre cheating


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Interesting proposal.