Donner Party Day 2

I don't regret lynching nyte, I am pissed she was fucking town afking and showing up 5 fucking minutes at eod. Like what the fuck is that shit?

Where the fuck is insom in that pool?

Iaafr 90% scum today like wow

Where bazinga in that pool?

@mafiabot vote insom

idrc my tentative thoughts don't matter I need to see how other stuff plays out

bazinga seems town to me idk

I guess sk possibility still for him thi

He only had like 2 good lines about nyte, other posts were filler/non game related. How do you townread him?


tone and his eod popin suspecting you seems like it comes from a real place, I don't see why as scum he'd suddenly sus you like that (unless maybe attempting to influence vigi, which is not the vibe I got or what I would expect)

hard agree here, kkat SK makes so much sense

He shared absolutely zero solid reads and voted on weird people most of the day.

He didnt do jack shit. Its day 1. I hate people with that attitude

kkat SK I could buy

could see myself defaulting to that to reduce scum kp

Posting that spreadsheet is OGI and frauned upon tbh

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my way to evaluate bazinga has always been believability of sus and accuracy

I have never seen him give reasons or try to make things happen

if he rolls town he just lists gut scumreads d1

Whatever I dont enjoy playing with bazinga or nyte

All these fuckers who sit back and dont do shit are just useless.

Just go read games from graveyards why you join the actual game?

Btw I been watching last chance U show last few weeks so I am fired the fuck up from them coaches cussing all the time hahaha

Don't like LBJ's opener today, image posts about how we could ever lynch nyte, I don't see how she gave town any reason to not lynch her. Also, still goes on about Jdance's "slot", when he earlier admitted to being wrong about Jdance as a player, which I think he is.

I could see Jdance being subbed out as NAI (though I personally think it's almost never happening as scum), but I can never see how you would believe he'd only sub out as town, when he has said multiple times how he doesn't enjoy playing town.