Donner Party Day 3

i think ian was the other goon and lbj is just the sk

er scsf

faz said he roleblocked LBJ last night, oh wait, SKs fucking bypass blocks


i mean as long as we didnt get snowed by epok this is a win either way but its a smoother cleaner win if we kill lbj first

anyway i sucked yesterday w.r.t townreading lbj and osiris both for questionable reasons

if i had gotten those reads more correct i mightve probably been able to prevent bboy

but meh yall were so set on it

now that im automatically devils advocating myself i guess i couldve been trying to eat insom, a pr read, in order to fakeclaim his role

but insom didnt die n1 so that theory doesnt hold up

probably the optimal way to deal with bboy in games:

sheep his main vote d1 (was jdance/osiris in this game)

kill him if wrong

if i were faz i mightve been tempted to secretly switch the rb to osiris

it wouldve resulted in insom living

which wouldve been worse for iaafr's d3 (unless insom finally started buying my word on why im town this game)

so im glad he didnt lmfao

btw nice read on jdance @luckyartist you were right all along

more ranting at insom about why im towny while he's dead


me being self aware of my towniness is not a scum trait (not that i dont have it as scum), because being towny and clearing myself in the eyes of other town players is one of my win conditions as town

faz correctly cleared me and that may have locked the game in this game, because he's an experienced reader who knows how to pick up "obvious town" towntelling

im not capable of doing that level of towntelling as scum because it requires my brain to have received a town role pm and to have actually thought about solving all game rather than having thought about how to look town enough and finesse my position in the thread to survive

faz isn't bad enough at this game to townread me when i'm doing the scum version of towntelling; he correctly 100% towned me because i was doing the town version of towntelling

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ESPECIALLY as VT in this sort of setup

my goal was to 1. not run up a pr d1 and 2. towntell enough to get cleared as a VT over the actual sk/goons

and i did both of those things in the eyes of competent players

even if this is true you could still be SK and visit the same lines of thought naturally

maybe; wouldnt know, i'm not sk and have never rolled sk

Of course I was right I’m a mafia god
And also
I wouldn’t hard bus you know that
I also would not act this way as sk
What benefit do I have of posting big posts that could reveal me after I did that kind of memeing last game and was sussed out because of it

Sdad acting like he’s confirmed non goon so therefore he shouldn’t be lynched is bad
Sk needs to be lynched today, and his confidence that he is suddenly non goon is suspect when nothing has changed that would alert him to being non goon
But that confidence is pretty telling of his alignment
Ie that he isn’t goon, and he is sk

The world I am living in because I’m willing to trust faz clear of iaafr
Ian or scsf were the true dietician
Sdad and epok were the ones that killed them, goon epok killing the dietician and sk sdad killing the other one

Because I’m town and suddenly feeling like I’m not is not the move

i think i did some not-sk telling basically by explicitly asking faz how he cleared me from being sk but thats subtle and fakeable i guess

i mean i agree with you that sussing me as sk is still ~valid and i said the same thing yesterday but im not the sk in this game

so you're telling us when epok arrives with a greencheck on me we're not to trust him?

newsflash - a goon died tonight, me being teammates with epok is 100% impossible

his post is pretty much what he has to post regardless of whether he's vt or sk lol