Donner Party Day 3

Everyone wakes up and finds that faZ has gone missing. While searching for him, they find insom lying on the ground. They can tell immediately that he was the town cannibal vigilante. Next to him lies Osiris, his stomach full of the remains of Ian, the VT. They find one of insom's fingers falling out of his mouth.

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@mafiabot startday 6088

@mafiabot vc

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LuckyArtist, insom, osiris, iaafr, sdadasdas,

Alive Players - 5

Majority Vote - 3


@SOPHIE you are not dead. @Osiris you are. Mafiabot fucking it up again

Let me clarify: Osiris ate insom and insom ate osiris

and clarify again: Osiris was a cannibal goon

kinda think lbj is just sk again now

waiting for @SOPHIE's result

i got owned by osiris yesterday but there were some warning signs i shouldve paid attention to

such as

talking about how hard it is for me to post that stream of consciousness but trying to say he doesnt have a read on me at all

however time to quote some shit to rub some shit in epoks face

@mafiabot vc

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LuckyArtist, epok, KrazyKat, iaafr, sdadasdas,

Alive Players - 5

Majority Vote - 3


get fucked

also reminder i had an early d1 vt read on nyte that was both correct and may have saved the game (if i caved to faz's insom tunnel and supported it instead without a vt read on him we might've outed our vig and then killed nyte or kkat anyway)

The game is done btw.

Me and iaafr are confirmed non-goons, if any of us were the goon we would've taken the kill last night as no night actions were assigned to us, and not had osiris flip in the open, as in, osiris was forced to take the kill despite being shot since his teammate was roleblocked.

I'm sure as fuck not the SK so it must be iaafr unless epok is going for some big dick play

@insom heres why this is town indicative

why would i actually publicly out my vt reads as scum and prioritize killing one at eod when i could just try to sus my pr reads instead

your sussing of my "if i were scum" posts is so surface-level, you don't think about why they could actually be true

playing town and playing scum has different objectives

as scum i dont give a shit if town runs up its own prs. if i read nyte vt, then i dont actually vote her. as scum, i can build up a progression to sus somebody i believe has more pr equity to force out a pr claim, because why wouldnt i?

as town, i am actually looking to prevent town from running up a PR on day 1, and me being proud of my nyte vt read is indicative of that.

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its lbj bro

yeah he's 100% the goon

"but iaafr, why couldnt you do all that as scum"

why the fuck would i make the game harder for myself by unnecessarily outing my pr/vt reads just to towntell when apparently it doesnt get me townread?

why would i make the pr/situation MORE FAVORABLE TO TOWN IF IM SCUM