Donner Party Day 4

epok has gone missing.

Day ends 2020-08-12T03:00:00Z

@mafiaboy startday 6088

@mafiabot startday 6088

@mafiabot vc

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LuckyArtist, KrazyKat, iaafr,

Alive Players - 3

Majority Vote - 2


@LuckyArtist @iaafr @KrazyKat I started it a bit early

I will say that I did not expect sdad to be goon he never really buddied up to or distanced from anyone. Kinda hard to do that with a teammate that subs though I guess

Surely kkat will actually look at the game and realize iaafr is the sk
@mafiabot lynch @iaafr


@mafiabot vote luckyartist

how hard do you need me to go here

or are you willing to sheep faz and epok being right on me

there's an easy way (sheep them and collect win)

and there's a hard way (make us case each other and still risk getting it wrong)

even sdad ultimately read lbj sk me town lol

off the top of my head one major hint that I'm not sk and lbj is is that

I spent some time yesterday just living in the world where sdad was sk, scsf was goon, and sdad ended it

that's me lacking knowledge of 2 scum left

whereas lbj, who ate scsf the vt, always knew there had to be 2 scum and therefore anticipated having to sus me yesterday

^ this post alone along with the legacies of faz and epok both townclearing me should honestly be enough but let me know if you have any other concerns or want me to address any other angles

gamestate is simple enough

vote lbj to collect the win that we've set up since d2

vote me to throw

Yeah that's what I intended to to.


@mafiabot vote @LuckyArtist

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KrazyKat has dropped the hammer on LuckyArtist

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luckyartist 2 KrazyKat, iaafr
iaafr 1 LuckyArtist

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Alive Players - 3

Majority Vote - 2


@mafiabot end town

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