Donner Party Post-game

there was no way i was touching the faz/insom interaction. saw no angle of attack

yeah its rough, couldve won if epok went for LBJ over me, though I think I would've had a hard time in the final 3 vs iaafr either way

We did it!


im so fucked when ian rolls scum. unsure if he will eat me or try to pocket me

you're a goddamn hero. don't let anyone tell you otherwise

I never roll scum

thanks, I think you did good too, both the games we were scum together you towntold pretty naturally

you were lucky


ewiz is a benevolent deity

If we lost, I had town covered with the reason why

shameless plug. doesn't even mention Raid: Shadow Legends

I literally faked a manic state to try and give my slot the win. I don't know what else I could have done

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That is for hosting ewiz.

Nearly perfect, just some delays on reveals at Eod

LBJ is ■■■■■■■■■ I subbed because any player with a brain knows I would never sub as mafia

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Why did you quit?

To give mafia an advantage

I was even trying quote you guys in non mafia threads near eod to attempt to distract you from the game

Nothing worked

I did every single thing I could and STILL lost. Thanks Klaze

Train on my teamate? Try to distract the people on the train