Donner Party Post-game

Town wins! I will write up some thoughts later on how I'll be running my games from now on

@krazykat good work we did it

lol @ luckyartist rolling sk twice in a row in the same setup in short succession

props to faz and epok for correctly townclearing me

props to kkat for not making it harder than it had to be

props to lbj for playing a more convincing sk game than last time

props to sdad for having a p good d1, props to osiris for having some good posts d2

good hosting; good flavor


i think LBJ's best chance was actually to vote with me on D3 and hope to win the game through the night

not sure anybody had mvp level reads in this game if we're going off accuracy but i mean it went smoothly enough all around

shoulda sheeped bazingaboy d1 on jdance/osiris slot tho

tho i was the only idiot townreading that slot other than sdad the partner

yeah very possible

think he shouldve been trying to sell the epok vote more there

i even gave him some openings

GG thanks for hosting

the scsf slip was actually a slip which he never had a good response to though

iaafr is obviously mvp since he solidified himself as town correctly to most of the town


i love donner party but it somehow feels even harder as scum to win. you get more private knowledge and it makes it harder to not trip over yourself without typing words

also damn near worst possible n1 outcome for us?

yeah id prefer SK over scum in this setup, esp with the rb/nk immunities

pretty much yea

surprised neither scum faction ate faz

yeah, probably the worst possible outcome short of any of us being shot/copped

but yeah i agree if we ever run this setup again (which nadota collectively has run like 5 times now rofl)

maybe give the scumteam some sort of buff

give them 1 roleblocker or something

insom needed to go or the game was lost on the spot, we hoped that LBJ would take epok over faz

i meant n1 but yeah youre right about n2

yeah that was just us trying to PR hunt in ian

scum aint easy i will never envy a scum roll

though its especially hard for me because i have this obvtown game to live up to

id almost prefer one of us get eaten or outed to effectively clearing two town pr's