Don't Eat Me - Day 3

The town awakes to find the dead body of slowdive. his body to mangled to be identified further.

Day 3 Start

Day will last until 2020-06-11T14:00:00Z or majority lynch

Majority lynch is 4

Alive Players


@mafiabot startday 5327

Well OOPS. Nyte i'm assuming you blocked iaafr?

Also jokes I feel bad for LBJ went ham on him for being maf partners. Jokes how they looked scummy together but he was just an SK.

kyle flipping VT means that all those insane scenarios we came up with yesterday aren't possible lol

nice work taking out the SK

supa is hard cleared at this point

@Nyte who was rbed last night?

also can we stop having discussion and lynch votes way into the night lol

games mech locked with nytes result

unless wifom nokill

I killed slowdive, so i'm assuming nyte blocked the mafia shot.

This game is over

just realized it's correct for maf to have nokilled

hopefully they didn't and nyte just has a real guilty tho

might be locked either way

bets on gamut or friend?

If mafia no kills there is 3 confirmed town at this point.

It will be a matter of time before they are found. So regardless, Mafia has absolutely no way of victory here.

yea I think games locked from supa/nyte/murs pov cuz u can kill all 3 ofus

I say friend for postgame cred

Yep, doing a no kill for mafia would be dumb tonight because they HAD to kill nyte. Nyte is basically a cop at this point.

In case they did go for that scenario, they still lose. Its game

in retrospect not having nyte declare target pre hammer was a mistake but meh

Yeah it was, I thought about it instantly after LBJ turned SK lmao

I'm gonna assume you're the last scum because pretty sure she blocked you, but we can just wait and see. I TRd you the entire game, so if that;s so, good job

its not it's friend or gamut

inb4 she blocked me and gamut afked n2

I would be quite surprised with Gamut, that train early in the game coulda killed him easily. But who knows anything can happen