dont fufkcing 1 person ever say bad shit about roragok

roragok is a good guy. he fucking savednadota and has always kept his persona as a good gou thought out all of this a as good person.

dont ever fucking insult him ever,

i swear to god ill band anyone at the sightof it.


Go to sleep Theo

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ban me bitch

Kyle put the keyboard down and drink some water, eat a little food.

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Kyle's just having fun

Drunk alone in his bedroom on nadota

I hope to one day get drunk with phil again, since the death of skype i can no longer inform him of my 8 am steak and cheese sandwiches or 9 pm waffles. I could do it through discord but i have too many and i need to leave them they are all on mute.


lmao i forgot about that. i also have all my discords muted

a man after my own heart?

imagine life if they werent, only pings i get are from fuckin DMs idc about anyones @everyone

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i have one discord where i let me be pinged but yea lol

Also lmao ive been up all night and cooked sams club mozzarella cheese sticks in a ninja foodie at 5:46 am. Had some quality sauce for dippin though, bought fancy marinara at some little cheese shop.


hype you worry me still

One time I was drunk at a club