dota 2 lets game

anyone wanna queue with me?

maybe tomorrow yeah

anyone ability draft ?

lets do ranked

everytime i afk from dota it makes me recalibrate then i get low ancient and have to go 75% wr until im divine ++ and end up afking again

any gamers?

why is that every single time my behavior score goes up i run into game ruiners who are just intentionally ruining games

there are never gamers to play games with me and this has saddened me.

i googled something a peruvian said just to feel something

i thought his attempt to communicate was friendship. but he just called me a bad name.

this is dans fault.

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dan has never played dota with me.

Dan played Dota with me a few weeks ago. We got matchmade together. He beat me as Luna. :joy:

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why the heck wont dan play with me?

I only play w a full party idk

dan i am hurt

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I'm down to play some games

I just started playing and i'm looking for people to play with.