Dota 2 Patch Discussion: 7.32b

New dota patch, released last night.
Nerfed Strength hero offlane items (Bracer, Soulring, Urn)
Nerfed the new neutral items.
Heavily nerfed Puck. (Now Unplayable?)

Buffed Primal Beast - looking to be a Primal Beast meta.
What do you think?

Added notes: We can set up new patch inhouse games if anyone is interested haha. With official streams and casters and a ranked league. I love this community.

I would probably rather buy an Aether Lens instead of Soul Ring on DK now.

puck got buffed she can refill bottle from orb now

One of the most pointless posts I've ever seen on the forum.

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Bounty Hunter (My most played hero) got a decent improvement to his laning stage.
It's not enough to offset the shard nerf, but he might be back!

Hitch a ride wtf

Yes let's do so. I would like to bring my training team to train in your inhouses if that's OK. Just be aware we are training to defeat you (Also give us a few days to ramp up as last night's showing was extremely bad - not going to call out anybody in particular but you know who you are and what you did)


Maybe we can contact Valve and arrange an IXDL kinda scenario where GoyClub queues and we auto snipe them

ill cast the matches xD

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You're better off going the Numeta route and buying Meteor Hammer.

centaur aghs seems insane with drow/sniper/arc

So they completely butchered 3 of my builds.

New Luna build - YouTube The luna build is now gone...RIP.

And the 7 second duration Reflection offlane TB is now dead too... Terrorblade - YouTube

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Primal beast seems fun thanks for showcasing him for me. Big fan of heroes that pick others up and slam them into the ground

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Good patch, this is why Valve gets paid the big bucks


If more players are needed I offer to stand-in but as a forewarning I call dibs on Sylvanas Windrunner.

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wrong thread!!!!!

no im wrong nvm

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