dota battlepass 2020 summer evenT

looks kinda lame imo but iunno.

apparently u get 2 lvls max per week as well. so basically u can get like 10 levls total lmaooo

Golden roshan winner LFG

oh wow i’m lvl 500 so i can get 4!!! levels per week!!!

they’re actually so insanely cheap on battepass levels it’s insane lmao. i’ve already spent like $100 on this dumb thing

a ton of levels are bugged. just ran into one myself. rizzrack aka a boss just timberchains to other levels u and u cant access those levels so u cant win :)

alright ive played like 5 games.

30minutes = like 300 Battle Pass points. I can earn 4,000. So basically u gotta grind the fuck outta this gamemode to get.... 2 levels or 3, or 4, depending on your battle pass level LMAO

rewards r pretty shit and the game mode is very unbalanced -- you'd figure creep clear in a wave clearing game would be good but really single target is better bc the mini-mobs die so fast while the big mobs die mega slow

oh u alos only get to play 10 heroes out of like 130

what a big oof

ok i beat this thing and almost beat it 2 times before.

it really is just about what heroes u pick lol

snapfire is actually mega busted on last boss bc u have a dmg phase and her E fits right into it, plus mobility of her W

sniper best carry
omni best tank
snapfire busted on last boss

too bad no one here plays dota so none of this MATTERS

cleared first 3 modes

where was my invite? how come u never invite me to PLAY

i cleared 1st game mode, almost cleared 2nd twice. i only play with randoms so theres that.

LMFAO didn't happen to me

there's more than 1 mode?