A BLOG-style thread for all competitive Dota matches, tournaments, qualifiers, team and roster discussion that people don't bother making separate threads for (for the few people who still follow the trash game).

Congratulations to teams EG, Team Team and coL for qualifying to the Disneyland Major.
Looking forward to see ixmike on the big stage again! :smile:

i wonder if those degenerates will ever find a sponsor Team Team

team team gets the namafia seal of disapproval after kicking sammyboy for EE

Cloud nine

well they qualified so it was probably a good decision on their part

sure they dicked over sammyboy but it wasn't totally unreasonable

new Forward made it into Dotapit minor over JStorm, pretty good considering how shaky they looked in the major qualifiers just before

congrats to kartik "kitrak" rathi aka better delete my NADota posts before my sponsor finds out! :smile:

Spnsored by Bank Bank

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LMAO Never forget. Wish I was a high MMR dota player so I could regularly harass kitrak in pubs about it

When did he do that

Atleast a few months before the site got deleted. Iirc he literally edited his posts to . but you could read the edits anyways

I just figured out ur Haxity a few days ago... Lol

yeah it was as soon as he started picking up heat on the roster stock market

really took some effort to manually "overwrite" them


come on haxity dont lie its not nice...

Real talk, If you see Haxity on twitch, steam, dota, et cetera, harass him into signing up. He would love it here, just doesnt know it yet :)

i bet haxity still does reddit :)

he's all over the place. I just want someone that isnt me shilling to him lmao

some wierd 1v1 tournament for streamers, NA side starting in 45 minutes

poor febby havin zyoris balls on his head