Does anyone watch or play it anymore here

Shit game

not me

Don’t think i’ll be playing until the patch

Agreed, but doesn’t answer the question.

That’s also some fast response time and quick smooth notifications for responses. Wow. Spectacular

I won a game last nyte. Support leo.

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i do believe @Paine plays and is probably 6k or so

It’s not fun.

Patch is the 18th or 19th I think, not too much longer

Carry me tonight Forrest-chan

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Sure sounds fun.

Ya Paine and I play every now and again, he’s freakin awesome (:

I got dnd but I can play a game like at 10

I watch but don’t treally play

I’ll see you around 10 then (timezone, motherfucker?)

I thought you knew

Real Forrest?

Who me?

@Roragok can i get a Coloured name please

What color