dotakyle GAME day 3

i can't remember what it was but anything is on the table since im ass at scum. gotta at least try though so i don't just ruin games

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if I retracted my soft claim I would have instantly died

that was the only thing that kept me alive for a day

You tried. You died.
Nice effort, but fake-claiming against a real claim is really scummy.
Think about it.

Sometimes you have to put the win con over self survival.



I would have died d1 instead of Osiris if I hadn’t

@faZ what was wrong besides the decreased activity

I want to beat you now let's play a game sometime

I stopped reading after opening of day 1.

namafia has a very unique way of playing this game. that doesn't align with any other place I have played.

people just don't try (for the most part) and naturally do whatever the fuck they want. Everywhere else you get lynched so much for being a shit town you adjust to not sucking dick and become a better town player.

idk I lynched the not triers and it worked

I have yet to play an epic game on MU but if there's no info available and people manage to concoct 40 pages out of it are they really better players for it

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I think what insom gambled with is good play ultimately. He’s gotta test around and learn execution. Dunno how he gets so much hate for that.


you get 40 pages because people reaction test, and being mafia is very difficult for lower experienced players. It takes time to learn to fake it well to be townread as mafia. "trying to solve the game" and then scum read in later days because medium level players can fake being town for first day or two. That's why it is a low key cheating not to look at your role until night so you solve the game from not knowing who is who and you look really towny naturally day 1. you can have town dumb tells naturally etc etc.

the best part being mafia I think is pocketing people. that's ultimate fun.

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i signed up again, see if they ban me hahaha.

Im going to try and play a game there some day.

we should all sign and play there together in a bigger game

unless we're running it I don't think it'll go well. and I don't see why we can't just do it here then. maybe there's a place to advertise off site games

we don't have many players here, Im saying to join a game with others there, like a 15-17 player game

I don't really disagree but I think we don't rely as heavily on that here because some of us tend to have really good prebuilt reads or tells on others (and people do act scummy). I think the first part is what makes the experience unique here and isn't necessarily good. maybe sometime you can read the last game and tell me if it struggles with the same thing

im like 80% confident you guys will get mislynched so hard there lol.

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downside there, you can't rage at all. they are all fucking snowflakes

and that last part makes sense too imo -- a smaller game shortly after a high activity game with more players would get less like traction and time put in. which is why we could use a larger base of players lol