dotakyle game sign

@mafiabot host

@mafiabot sign

@mafiabot sign

it’s going to be semi closed setup


@mafiabot sign

@mafiabot .s

@mafiabot .s

@mafiabot sign

also considering giving a few people “lower priority” on signing and putting them as backups.

people like gamut/agubar who seem less interested in actually playing but sign games anyway.

maybe im wrong about agubar, but based off last game it seemed like he just memed at the start and afk’d then threw a lynch randomly.

but i feel strongly about gamut.

i’d like to know other peoples opinions. do you think it’s fine for people like gamut to really not play and put extremely low effort into these games?

^^ i’m not sold on either way and i’d like to know the opinions of the actual players and not just myself.

I believe in inclusivity and also gamut played as much as anyone else last game

I understand the frustration from past games though

not just last game for Gamut, in almost every game i’ve played with him he’s always afk’d and what posts he did have were extremely low effort.

every game i’ve played with him i’ve been quite frustrated

personally i find games where everyone is active more fun

fewer players + active game > more players less active game

sure maybe you could run faster cycles too

maybe we should run popcorn mafia or whatever the fuck it’s called since we have a bot

my issue with gamut is that even when he does have time to play, his town playstyle is stubborn, opaque, and noninteractive (aside from shitposting) until the later days

that’s just a personality thing tho idk

probably not playing my life’s still on the upswing wouldn’t want a game of mafia to fuck with that sry

whats popcorn mafia?

also there are people like kkat who suffer from shorter days but kkat tries at least

cmon sign game iaafr.

i promise this’ll be a fun one and you’re def gonna wanna be apart of it