dotakyle interview

who should i interview. should i do it live on my twitch stream and require everyone to subscribe so i can be rich and famous


i need names. im gonna give this like a day or maybe two if participation is low. ill then pick someone and ill make a thread for questions to ask.



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Things must really be getting bad here if I'm the best you've got


grandgrant or kzz if you can find either of them.
good luck.


Interview ban about his financial stake with the site

He won't sell me his shares

ive secretly hoarding many shares. dan has no clue. the fool.

i had at least a couple thousands wongs on nadota where's my shareholder input?

we need to launch a rug pull crypto token called nick wong coin

i wanna do omegle inverview on twitch but someones gonna show a dick and ill get banned

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