dotakyle signup gamers unite in the great games of the day

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Signed Players

Sign the Fuck up you cucks

Not playing always get policy lynched

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@jdance come on man

sign this one for me

@mafiabot sign

This guy thinks he has power over m

@mafiabot sign


Wait what the cuck

@mafiabot sign

me and the boys getting ready to lynch insom again


if we dont have enough for a game i can do a micro 6 player setup with no nights

Can you??

I'll play whatever its just gotta be past Sunday

should I join for kat and inevitably flake harder than last time y/n

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the game will end on the same day it starts it's fast

i can't play tomorrow or i'd sign

could finish in <2 hrs tbh we can play it today but i dont mind if it never gets played i found it on mafiascum it seems funny

im dm'ing an 8-10 hour session tomorrow and finishing prep tonight so just not really feasible

@mafiabot sign