dotakyles game #1 Day 2

@bazingaboy the Towns Mason was found strung up with underwear on a stripper pole.

Day 2 Start

Day will last until tomorrow @ 11:59 AM EST 2019-03-26T15:59:00Z

Players Alive


Majority is 5.

@mafiabot startday 3088

@mafiabot vc

Vote Count

Player Lynches

Not Voting



I hardclaim cop with red result on klaze

a few notes

  1. I am willing to make day end at a better time tomorrow, @ midnight est instead of in the morning.
  2. I suggest you guys stop focusing on “what kyle would do” in terms of setup and just play the game. Whether you like the setup or not it’s already in play. The setup is something i’d love to play in and I believe is a fun and fair setup.
    a) The setup is semi-closed and I ran it past 2 people KKat + iaafr.
    b) they both agreed it is fairly balanced and believed it would be a fun setup.
    c) the setup would be a lot more fun if you guys could just focus on playing the game instead of puzzling it/complaining.

Sorry Kyle

@mafiabot Lynch klaze

Easy flip

@mafiabot lynch @sdadasdas

So maybe stove is his real partner? Or actual town lover…that would suck tho. Wish there was a freer flip

@mafiabot lynch epok

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@mafiabot lynch @SOPHIE

Uh did you not see the hard cop claim? Are you scum or retarded

I’m town retards

wait for the CC because asoul’s either throwing the game as real cop (0.1%) or fakeclaiming (99.9%)

Look at this retard blatantly believing a cop claim from the scummiest player in the game

@mafiabot lynch @sdadasdas

You were all over klaze yesterday. I find this to be in the same vain as the dumb shit faZ pulls to try to force responses or just trying to sway votes. I find this claim just hard to believe.

I am slightly curious about this setup now. we have at least two masons and two people claiming lovers ? which is not role or alignment indicative.

I have also never seen people just jump on a cop claim so fast. It is a bit disturbing.

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Asoul isn’t even voting himself

If a real cop found a red check in a semi closed rest assured they would be voting

to follow this up faz has seen the setup and he agrees setup is fine.

stop bitching and play pls :slight_smile:

Don’t hammer it yet guys we should take some time for everyone to weigh in