Dow Jones 20k Discussion Thread

Is the glass half full or half empty? You decide.

Wait until next year and you’ll see lol

I mean, my history throughout the forums has always been decrying the negative impacts that QE would have on the long term health of the economy. There seem to be a lot of indications that shorting or switching to non-volatile equities such as bonds is the smart move such as interest rate hikes, inverted yield curves, and sketchy leadership decisions being made by our great president of the USA.

I shorted in 2014 and got 360 no scoped by Janet Yellen, but my time has finally come!

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On Alex Jones today, Paul Joseph Watson is reporting that over an exclusive phone call Trump detailed how that if he was to be removed, there would be an armed resistance against the globalists/deep state.

Take that for what you will.

That’s a great post

Looking forward to more mr. Ironstove

Keep shorting the worlds GREATEST BULL RUN ever conceived by man


invest all of your money into the stock market please

you’ve never lived until you’ve bought options with an expiration date 6 days away and watched as your money goes down by 10% every 1 1/2 minutes

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This is great, hopefully the real estate market in my area will tank with everything else. I need them 2008/2009 housing prices to come back.

yeah I was listening to alex jones earlier today on the intent of calling in to discuss google dragonfly and chinese imprisonment of the falun gong/uyghurs but alex jones is out fo town on bussinness and they had owen shroyer (dumbass) and roger stone talking and they spoke about purchasing “roger stone “roger stones” paperweights” to fund his legal battle.

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Wish I heard about the Roger Stone Stones before doing all my purchasing for this year’s white elephants

Roger stone is a vampire irl

roger stone is just a male hilary clontlon


Excellent roleplaying Jones

I shorted tesla for the wrong reasons and then elon musk cringed out publically so let’s go

Tbh tho I don’t really do that much investing myself

Next time I hear any CEO is going on JRE I’m going all in on puts

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Short the JRE itself