Dr. Goldfire Facts


Dr. Pyrus Goldfire was a brilliant scientist in the field of genetics and biology, known for his outright disrespect of professional ethics. Backed by his own organisation, STAR, Dr. Goldfire has found a way to replicate pure gold, which he is using to fund his plan to conquer Earth and enslave @Plasma1337 using an army of specially trained human conscripts, modified alien species, and a host of genetically-engineered mutants.

  • In human form Dr. Goldfire is Caucasian with white-grey hair and blue eyes. He wears a suit of blue with a shirt undershirt and red necktie.
  • In alien form he has green scaly skin with blue horns and crimson wings.
  • Originally Dr. Goldfire was going to be called Dr. Goldstern, but the name was change to avoid a controversy portraying Jews as greedy evil people.

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