Dream thread

Didn’t see one of these a1 threads and I had a dream that was good enough for me to think about viewing the dream thread but not good enough to post it

Can’t talk about my dreams sorry - I dream of ongoing mafia games.

I have a recurring dream where I am a person who can walk through a door and sometimes walk out into a different world. My problem is that the only way to get back it to reverse my course. But I never remember the way back. I keep telling myself to leave breadcrumbs, but I never do.

I will post the results here. Some of these dreams would make a good short story.

I won’t post in this thread because I respect lbj

Nah jdance this thread is open to all so long as you stay on topic

Had a dream that I was going store to store drinking each stores supply of Gatorade and ran out of money so I had to steal Gatorade from the store that was long and circular. Ended up having to piss really bad so I stopped at my work to take a piss and fell asleep in my dream. Woke up from that dream still dreaming and was stuck inside my store after hours. Couldn’t leave because the alarm would go off and I don’t have the code. Couldn’t leave the bathroom even because I was concerned about motion detectors.

Woke up from that dream and immediately chugged a liter of water.

Tonight i had a dream about piercing my penis and it accidentaly getting ripped off (the piercing from the tip) but generally its about insects, my dad being dissapointed or girl related things

I usually don’t remember my dreams but when I do its horrible :slight_smile:

Hey this thread isn’t for when u can’t remember dreams it’s for when u remember interesting ones

lately I’ve been getting a lot of old friends and people from childhood mixed with current acquaintances in my dreams

In one of my dreams recently that I can still remember, I got married to someone I loved and we started living together. Everything was incredible but she started to deteriorate mentally. She ended up trying to murder me while I was in bed so I choked her to death.
Kinda hurt cuz the girl is someone I like in real life… The choking part is what I remember most in the dream. Gasping for air, tearing the skin off my hands with her nails to get me to stop…

I’ve never had a dream remotely like that in my life. Pretty jelly honestly

Have you ever choked someone or been choked?

Horsing around as kids but these days ive only inadvertently choked a lady or two :friendly_wink: . I also don’t really romance in my dreams euther, and when I do they’re someone totslly made up

Don’t hurt anyone in my dreams really besides myself.

I have a recurring dream where I slowly lose the use of my legs

Have you?

Dan hurts me in my dreams

i had a dream where i went to an ice cream stand called mcduffins and basically he served beautiful icecream i ordered me a triple scoop double chocolate but when i got it, that shit looked only like 1 scoop and it tasted like OLD ice cream like the almost expired and had been sitting open in the freezer type shit.

When i woke up i had a massive head ache and was super nauseous, i took a dump and felt better but i think the fish i had last night was no good. Last time i buy fish from chinatown sweartagod.

It’s dreams like these that make me terrified of sleeping at times. Mine aren’t usually so twisted in a personal/intimate way but, I’ve had them enough. It’s usually a less personal source that is trying to kill me but thats nearly always what’s happening at some point during my dreaming.

dreamed I was a citizen of an ancient civilization and my people were being genocided by wizards with dr. doom masks