*Drives Into This Thread*

BREAKES HPVOROM rolls down window

hey little lady, I was cruising 'round this forum.

revs engine REV

i’ll be around these parts, don’t be shy.


SPEESD OFF zero to 60

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What was he thinking about when he made this thread?

Absolutely the worst fucking post I have ever read congrats

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was watching NBA on TNT hilights with shaq, kenny, charles barkley, and the white dude

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Why is Jdance still here

kenny literally goes into the screen holy shit

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@SOPHIE can we move this to spam?

Epok can we move this to serious site discussion

i dunno, can we?

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hahah get fucked wintermute


fat fucking pig human half brained moron



i love reving my ford focus

move it to mafia discussion and I will literally piss myself laughing

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can we unmod him already? cant believe everyone forgot how fucking cancer black moderator was


I will literally film myself on my bike riding around my parents neighboorhood.

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@lucky can we move this thread

I just wanna introduce a friend to this site and point out Jones posts like “this guy is the most liked poster on this forum”

you can do that yourself

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Jones is not the most liked poster on the forum.