DUI got off.

So just after the war started in Ukraine.

Got pissdrunk one night out in drunk tank. Next day they let me go got even more drunk went to buy cocaine. Crashed my car. Cops didn't find the coke luckily.

Same officer that arrested me the night b4 arrested me that day.

Today got a call saying I'm getting my DUI reduced to a careless driving. No criminal record. Blyaaaaaat

Changed my life. That's why I don't drink spam this shit as much anymore

Making more than double what I was making b4 accident.



Don't drink and fucking drive.

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I found out i can crush my meds snort + alcohol is uber fun. Dumped out 1 months supply a couple weeks ago.

Did 1 month nnormally. Snorted another month. Dumped trhe rest after a crazy night.

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jesus christ

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Dui got off


Bouta get off rn jah feel

Dui get off

Dui. Okay. Go off