Dwarf King

All hail

are you making these videos toprak?

Yo do you have the fabled “this is your captain speaking” vid or any footage of jigglebilly hon

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so there was a group of dwarves... pssht typical right?

this kid is on 5 different meds and probably a schizo and some moron just goes into the video and types

"omegalul best doto player"



i'm saying it's amazing how the remnants of people that played the moba games he played(his old viewers) are completely oblivious to the descent this kids life took. He watches fucking corn eating ASMR for 3 hours straight on stream and there's like a batch of 100 people in the stream chat going "Yo i just lit a fuckin blaze dude"

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hey least hes finally happy. can any other dota player say the same?

I asked jigglebilly about that video because in my estimation it was the greatest DotA 2 video ever made and he said that he deleted it and that it's gone forever