early signs of schitzophrenia

I've found myself day dreaming more and more and having dialogue with people who are not there and in scenarios I am not in.

They're fun though. Like an imaginary tale you created as a kid. I enjoy it. I am a hero in some scenarios dodging bullets and striking people in hand to hand combat, other times I'm a lawyer arguing a passionate case in front of the Supreme Court, or I am warped back in time and rewitnessing history being reenacted and watching it play out like a spirit.

But then I snap out of it, when things get really dramatic or intense, I feel kind of foolish for getting so engrossed in my imagination , I'm sitting in my living room talking to myself, or standing in my kitchen talking to no one.

I did this when I was younger playing with Legos and toys but now I'm doing it again as an adult. I enjoy it. I know it's fake, but I still engage because it excites and interests me.

I suppose when this capability goes out of control and you can no longer snap back out, at that point it is full blown schitzophrenia? When you can no longer separate and identify your role from your reality?

this is big benny tier larping you don't have schizophrenia


I know I don't right now but with I realized that what I described but on the extreme level is what schitzo people must be experiencing

When I imagine things I imagine people. Conversations, scenarios like diving to throw out a bomb, saving a friend, or fighting for my life ... there are all things, like anything from sex to genocide to bribery or theft , law or crimes.... I have been every role andbi realize that if some function in my brain began to malfunction, if I could not separate myself from imagination then I can easily understand now why schitzo people are so dangerous

Like say 30 years from now, my brain starts to misfire and this starts happening to me, yea then I'd be one of those babbling nuts on the street maybe

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that's called an imagination, schizophrenia involves psychosis on a level you don't appreciate. i don't blame you as current zeitgeist is to call weirdos or eccentrics 'schizo' and normalizing the relation


most cases of schizophrenia manifest in early adulthood it's not like dementia where the brain slowly degrades into that state

Speaking of dementia, did you know weed helps and prevents alzheimers?

Someone claimed it causes it so I had to look it up and turns out they're wrong it does the opposite lmao. Tell your grandparents to smoke the reefer to cure their dementia. Real talk.

my grandparents were all dead by the time i turned 12

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When benny does it he's actually just joking and trolling the forum, but this narcissist just wants to feel special so much he's resorted to lowest-hanging fruit of mental illness.

iron stove dun bin having a mental breakdown in public recently

Good observation plasma. Proud of you

thanks :black_cat:

It must suck being an unimaginative schizo. The creative bar is just too damn high

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bro if ur gay and trying to come out, dont be worried.

Just cuz we call each other gay here as a pejorative doesnt mean we hate gays.

Bro be as gay as you want.



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