Earthshaker Discussion Thread

Discuss all things related to Earthshaker here.

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For all of you who know, I pretty much crafted the middle Raigore build. Bottle > Shadowblade > treads > Blink/\Armlet >

However Icefrog changed Earthshaker to Echo slam to be more reliant on units than previously.

I’ve been playing this hero in the support lane/roaming with a max aftershock build and it’s pretty godlike. Supporting this build is an early bottle to heal your teammates and control bounty runes with more incentive.

Following Blink dagger you Buy Kaya. This make Echo Slam fucking AMAZING. You could go veil, but getting veil off before initiation is counter-intuitive, but there it can be done. Remember the Echo Slam missiles have a travel speed and time, so as they reach their hero veil will have been applied.

Boots > bottle > blink > Kaya > Veil > Refresher

Talents are 250 Manta - 7 Armor - 50 Echo - Enchant CD

Alternatively there is a Aether Lens Blink build that uses the 400 fissure range talent. The reason for this is the ability to completely cut off multiple ramps or routes when in the enemy jungle. Also you can cut off entire fucking lanes it’s actually so nutty.



the best earthshaker build is hotd > nomicon 3 > aghs > bfurys. hotd (troll net) is a superior item compared to blink for its eco gank and vantaged position-farming potential. nomicon is the follow up item for the +str and the minions are INSANE dps with this heros ridiculous chainstun. finally, aghs lets you reposition yourself in teamfights to set up BIG CLEAVES with your bfurys.

ps. anyone who suggests something as terrible as kaya earthshaker is clearly an imposter. someone with my mmr should not have problems casting veil before echo slam.


Not very funny! Can we please ban this? @SOPHIE

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Necro earthshaker sounds cool

He’s the real numeral…

It’s offense of the ancients not of the numeta :D

love this hero


Odds of this hero getting dumpstered next patch?

What would icefrog nerf if he does? Aftershocks damage?

if icefrog nerfs earhshaker i’ll be fuckin heated

i could see like a cd nerf on fissure or something but the hero doesnt feel broken

dude this hero is for sure broken

like for real you just be slamming on nighas in lane like it’s nothing getting more last hits than your mid eating support harassment like tangoes then get that quick level 6 and echo slam on the carry in lane for that easy kill and get that sub 15 minute blink and just run around smashing on niggas like it’s nothing I win so many games with this hero I’m on an 8 win streak right now and don’t give a FUCK

Numeta invented earthshaker and was way ahead of kzz