Elden Ring is disappointing

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what's your favorite fromsoft game?



i haven't played that one yet which dlc is it hidden in?


it's ok i made a poll hope you have a goodnight

really good video thanks vanilla_town

I have no ide awhat youre aying and honestly

i said that was a good video thanks for posting it

You too

So was the sex with your mother.

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Remember when we played Aram.


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Fun times

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jdance never played a game with me i've offered with a half dozen different games

I only play good games such as world of warcraft and league of legends

how much of ds1 do you think you would clear if you were given $100 in scholarships for each bonfire lit and boss cleared

im guessing jdance would make it to blighttown before sending a controller through the monitor

I dont like fire. Tragic misstep in evolution