Elon could take a page from Ban

This is a thread where you post banned words to show that moderation is good

I’ll start


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Youre a ■■■■■■



is slump still banned?

Please make sure all your posts in this thread have a banned word or I will have to silence you for off topic, thanks ■■■■■■

Moderation bad

Elon could take a lesson from ■■■ and hire the most re​tar​d​ed people on his website as moderators

Indirect compliment thank you

Goyclub confirmed High IQ

Sorry but Slump Squad was banned for a long time.
I didn't know it was unbanned.

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■■■■■■ ■■■■■■

Figure it there fuck out ■■■■■■

This could've been a good thread but it was ruined by the OP

Reminds me of that thread with "Quality Poster" (i think his name was) where they just posted the same nonsense word over and over - worst thread on the old forum. This is this guy's conception of what a thread should be - it 's just absolute nonsense, no content whatsoever, like a 6 yr old entertained by the fact that you can type something into the computer and it goes out to other readers on the internet, but with no idea what to type so just smashes the keyboard

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What ■■■■■■ made this spam