Elon Musk twitter

Honestly ever since Elon took over twitter. Twitter has become hard.

twitter is soffer than ever you cupcake

fucking other side of the pillow ass

I think I have to pay that fucker his 8$

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maybe i dont have to twitter is juyst scrwed up right now me thinks

Twitter is doomed man

nah twitter is fine.

If you actually checked their Twitter (not sure why you wouldn't if you're on it often) you'd see they've been delaying it because they know people are gonna be pissed

no i dont think i have to pay for analytics it doesnt say that specifically anywhere its more about bots that can read analytics or somehting

If they did deprecate the API like they said there, no third party apps would be able to access your information like they are now. Deep Analytics from Not Twitter, alternative Twitter apps like tweetdick, etc

But I bet they won't do it. Maybe just make it more annoying for them. Meter your api or whatever

how could what twitter provides internally be a third party app?

That's first party. Yeah I'm saying that the API changes only fuck up things that plug into Twitter. If you use the default app and just that you're good

yeah so i dont haave to give elon 8$ and analytics is jsut curently fucked up internally. Thanks

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Tbh I think the analytics you're talking about are like a pretty reasonable thing to put behind a paywall instead of the API. Or like if it told you less info if ur a freeloader. I wouldn't be surprised if they did it in the near future.

That way third parties aren't getting so fucked

Firehouse api for Twitter was my first of many investing adventures where I lost money

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I can hardly remember using Twitter but I don't think I forgot how bad the Twitter app was that you had to use an alternative. It's probably better now but that's besides the point. Elon wants free development and ((they))'re willing to give it to them