English TI8 Broadcasters

They damn near invited everyone sheesh
Justice for xyclopz

Oh shit I got a badge for this look at me go

Oh shit I got TWO badges from this shit


My man Grant going to Tee Eye.

HELL yes

Looks like they’re taking the “invite everyone so we dont offend reddit” route this year

Unfortunately for them the only way to not offend reddit was to NOT invite Lumi

Lumi got an invite same as every year. He was good at TI3 but the casters are way better now. They should just let him be an interpreter, or let him cast streams in his native language, whatever that is.

Kotl Goy conspicuously absent

I like lumi

KotlGuy was invited but his wife is having their first child so he declined.

Witnessing your own child being born is more important than TI imho.

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They really did invite everyone

I figured it was a thing where they didn’t invite him back after being forced by redditors to invite a year or two before

Congratz Lumi

Im guessing it’s because it’s in Canada. I guess you’ve never been but the keymaster was not very accommodating. Cool but awkward screen design where all the seats in the corners are just shit, already crowded VIP, etc. I bet gaben made sure this other place was