epic stuff

Also how did you guys feel after boom or whoever called gg when creeps were going to win them the game

they gged and i stopped looking at my screen. im of the opinion in the 11 seconds or whatever i woulda been looking at my screen we woulda all tped back.


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Jesus god almighty lmfao

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lmfao god bless it all

also http://prntscr.com/mi96eb

even better that its at like the most important part of my crazy ranting

but i dunno man some people just need to hear a hard truth or two before they can realize how silly theyr being and move on with their lives. like again that cynical mindset that Life Has No Meaning we are Just a speCk of Dust like yea true but also thats like all the more reason to do whatever the fuck u wanna do right why would i spent any portion of my gift of life not trying to feel bad as little as possible or like y’know along those lines

Shall we All Make NaDotA Great Again Togehter? ;)

europe is ripe for the picking… lots of mayhem… not gonna get political but… lots of shit going down… oh and dont forget that fucking ones that are stable enough to compete are complete fuckign virign penguin losers that just happen to be good at gaming. grats like i respect the skill again of players like crit kuro puppey gh yap like u guys see what i mgetting at i hope anyway

also i never mention Zai in any of this cuz he is honorarily an American and i feel special that we have bickered before i can probably find the gmae ROFL

one last time ill apologize for the recent “dota bender” i had but idk id say the outcome of this one was Pretty Swell, Fellas ;)

seriously though someone or someone that knows the mythic csgo guys should contact me or like my people their people or whatever lmao im sure theres plenty of resources to go around to set up a decent ap/rd/ardm/ad/cm league where, again, the only requirement is that you arent a shithead and then each division is broken up by 1000s of MMR AKA the god damn battlecup functionality thats already in the fucking game. so yeah. contact me in any way on this website or contact louis he does a lot of mod/twitch stuff for a lot of people so uhhhhh ya

Looked into discord league bots recently and there really isnt a decent easy solution yet, but I have thlught a bit about this. Itd be cool to revive na IHL shit since mm is so ass and the scene could use it. Just no time for me to do it now and no way to easily automate the whole thing

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This x50


the king is back


LMAO this guy. I want him in my games but he is too low ranked now.

Valve buff weaver please

Nma is back?

No fredj is back