epic stuff


Thank you so much for posting

Not funny.

I cringed. Several times.

edit: watched again cringed again.

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Im Late.

i keep watching it

idk why but i do


a good chunk of my enjoyment comes from seeing brax looking like a meth addict

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yeah he looks bad.

ixmike with Arteezy's mom:

with dendi's mom:

Ixmike’s bit was a good laugh

I guess they wrote the scripts for each other

Good on them for being able to take a joke

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ixmike looking human in this video caught me off guard

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Agreed with the stache he doesn’t look like a middle aged pedo

@sammyboy How much do they pay for this?

"This video was really funny"

yeah we wrote the scripts, i wrote newshams and braxes, ryoya wrote mine and we all kinda wrote mikes and ryoyas together but you had no say over what you would say or whatever

Mikes was the best

mikes was just true poggers actually

did they give you guys bonuses for doing it

no. but its nice to be friendly to the production companies and stuff, it’s a win win for both of us (looks good for sponsors that will hopefully sponsor us)

nice do you have BIG THINGS ON THE WAY