Epoch "The Title Fixer" PlaysGames strikes again.


How did he change the title if it isn’t his thread?

Yes, it gives you notifications whenever anyone else edits your posts

Whoever was on Ewizs account changed it, I forgot to just change it back to the default name. I’ll do it now

I doubt that.

It has your name in the screenshot.

You’re lying.

We’ve caught @SOPHIE red handed. He surely can’t get out of this one

Is epok trying to say that he was the one logged on Deepthroat’s account?

He’ll just edit your screenshot hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! :audiencelaugh: :audiencelaugh: :numetacry:

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Well saying he try to say cant do anything very well hahahaha or at least not articulated :emberthinking: :exploding_head:

We need answers, @SOPHIE. @Roragok, will you hold your admin accountable?


Forming a judiciary senate committee to fully investigate all of epok’s mod abuse and wong-doings.

For any perceptive minded individuals who would help me reveal all these highly illegal and terrorism-like tactics, please send a PM with your past investigations and resume.



Does that put me on the commission?

you are now officially on this namafia judiciary committee.