epok Tribunal Thread

  • Ban Him
  • Don't Ban Him

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@anon82208883 will be conducting the tribunal

I have chosen the jury to be:


We need a 25% yes rate for a permanent ban

can i change my vote after seeing who voted yes

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Please note that the poll is just for fun. The conviction comes from the jury members, LBJ, nyte, and nmagane

I chose those three because I believe they are the 3 most unbiased members of the forum in regards to this situation

isnt nmagane a troll.

also permanently banned


Great stuff

Bump. @anon82208883 please help

cant help ask kkat

Why are you pretending like you're busy

new minecraft update dude. plus i just threw $60 at dota bundles come ON

Pushing the jury into guilty will be much more enjoyable for you. And it will be FREE

i have to do my dailes. im 2 levels away from sexy qop

i NEED you to get me out of Ikea dude I'm going to be here for HOURS

hide in a shelf to get away from ur girl

Lynch dan