Escape From Tarkov

anyone play

looks slow

it is a snails pace compared to quake

my buddy plays a lot. but he likes those kinda games. he plays eve a lot

agree slow for me like faz said

My PC meets recommended requirements and still can't fucking run this game.


Just started

have 50 cards in my bitcoin mine forgot to log in last like 3 days so not really doing much huh

How much funny money is that

90 mil i guess at current prices, but you figure i cant resell all of my cards probably only 20-25 of them were crafted or found in raid the rest i would have to vendor to liquidate. Also I payed 800k-1mil per card.

bit coin prices in game are linked to real life bit coin prices so with the real life spike things got silly.



Cool way to frame the virtual currency I guess

yeah it syncs like twice a day or something, tarkov is a weird game like that.
Some of the maps are tied to like certain weather stations in russia.
Rainy in that area in real life rainy all fucking day there in tarky.


thats super cool. wish more games did that

It’s actually pretty bad, well the btc tied to rl price shit at least. It’s basically just infinite money at this point and you go in fully geared up every raid to play call of duty since you can just buy more shit if you die

Lmfao they must've not expected the price to go so high

best horror game ever made

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