Eternal hockey thread

Offseason is fun

Condolences on your lose

Least ovi/caps celebration lived up to the hype.

Wish I could’ve gone to the parade. Instead I had to fly out of Reagan that morning so I got stuck in parade traffic

Sucks that we assemble the best team we’ve ever had and we have to run into your miracle run smh

always next year

We’re gonna not fucking suck

yes u are lol. We’re getting EK too

Are the leafs gonna be nice e with tavares.

Yes but they’re still gonna choke.

We had to get rid of gruby for orpick lol

We honestly just got better since we dropped sustr. Kokkoek is gonna get icetime now and we don’t really need anyone else so we can just trade for depth at the deadline.

Bolts are nice

Cup winning nice unless some pesky hockey players stop us again

I’m not sure how I feel about Carlson 8 for 8


I made it to every caps watch party except the last one :rage:

I was out of town at a bachelor party watching it by myself since no one does hockey.

Roragok predicted the stanley cup finals and the winner. Absolute legend.


I’m ready for Tampa to get Karlsson while hardly giving up anything, watching the Canucks win nothing all season with free agent acquisitions Jay Beagle and Antoine Roussel, only to get cucked out of Jack Hughes by some team like Carolina.