Ethan Jones - Two Accounts?

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What does he need two accounts for? What is the Goy Club planning?

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He’s using them for separate purposes it’s fine

Sometimes when I’m daydreaming I imagine Jones trimming a solitary tree on a particularly nice day.

I messaged Roragok something and I have such severe social anxiety that the thought of opening that account, seeing his messages, etc. brings me dread and stress; as a result I made a new account and will never be opening the other one ever again.

I recently snuck out of my house, drove to McDonalds, and then had a fight or flight response before entering that led me to briskly walk into the accompanying grocery store parking lot, pull out my phone and feign some issue, and then walk back to my car pretending to talk on the phone. Then I drove home.

The reason? There were some autonomous order-taking-machines or something in the lobby.

Now I could have gone through the drive-thru, but there’s a major issue there: I’ve never personally driven through a drive-thru before because of that same fear response.

I got two calls regarding employment yesterday; I will not respond to either of them because my brain perceives those calls as being potentially life threatening for me.

This is my life Alightsoul.

Thank you for sharing. Who else has something to share?


Jones you dont have social anxiety

I work at the same pizza shop as my mother and Josh the oven guy said “Yeah his (not me) mom sends him ;) faces, and he’s like mom don’t send me those”

And without thinking I said “That’s awesome” and then I immediately realized I made an incest joke to people that work with my mother.

When I do shop and I need to look for something, I will walk the aisles until I notice what I need, whereupon I will pass it, walk to another aisle, look at something that I don’t need, then eventually come back to what I recently found in the first place.

I don’t know why I do this.

no nmaGane, I actually do this.

Do you do anything similar to this if you were shopping on Amazon from the confines of your home? And would it be different as well if you were shopping on Amazon at say, a library?

If you are then you’re doing it on purpose as you perceive yourself as a character who would do such a thing.

stop judging him brendan

I’m not judging him.

Did you perhaps read Infinite Jest while at the same time being beaten by your father and molested by your uncle?

I think it has to do with me not wanting to look like I’m looking for something, or don’t know where something is, etc.

you are implying he is doing it intentionally as a character. perhaps he has a roleplay kink and now youre shaming him. thats not okay.