Ethical Mafia Question

Working on voting logic.

Should i let players lynch themselves?

I am against it but I’m not a dictator yet.


  • Yes
  • No

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Self lynching should just result in a suicide and allow the town Lynch to take place right after. Kind of like self immolation, I’m killing myself because there is a greater good everyone can realize if I die now

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Hosts should be able to choose

I guess there’s technically no downside to letting people self lynch

I think letting host select and having categories for this stuff is a little too far for the current purposes

Maybe if there’s a UI and stuff and you have some “Advanced Options” dropdown with a bunch of defaults preselected etc etc

We need a voter UI ep0k

Self Lynching is a strategically sound move

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In what way

not telling

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People will never be satisfied by a UI implementation

Guys this is all about personal choice. You cannot stop someone from taking their own life, it’s immoral.


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I self-lynched myself a few games ago copying your tactic from another game. I think it achieved what I wanted but not telling what that is.

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Bout to self lynch

hammering one’s self as mafia at L-1 to shorten day is a valid strategy when you’re unlikely to be able to play yourself out of the lynch

cases where it’s pro-town as town are much more rare (e.g. you’re tied against a PR read and they’re afk and you’re really confident in your PR read) but i like to be able to park my vote on myself to symbolically indicate that the town players in the game make me want to kill myself

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Never give up = never self lynch

Why lol

Playing with goy club makes me wanna self-lynch irl

Self lynching, like No-lynching should be host’s decision.
For no-lynching to have to specify if you can do it in the OP, otherwise it’s assumed off. Self-lynching is the other way around, you have to specify that it’s NOT allowed in the OP/game rules.

Why should self-lynching not be allowed?

why did you vote no