Ewiz's dad

Guess who Ewiz’s dad is in this thread.

Ted Nugent

my dad

@casey’s not my dad but he could be my daddy

ewiz has two moms who ride harleys and smell like leather

Mr. Wiz


I met ewiz’s dad in chipotle once he was a couple places ahead of me in line and when he went to pay for it he started making a scene about the extra dollar it costs for guacamole or some shit. It got so bad and he wouldn’t accept the added fee the guy behind him in line offered to pay for his whole meal to hurry it up. By now the line was backed up and his dad just started yelling about the “principle” of it all and demanded to see the manager. The manager gets there and explains the added cost and ewiz’s dad makes a point of stating he will never eat at chipotle again if they don’t give him the guacamole for free and decides to call the corporate number on speaker phone. Anyways people are just leaving as this is like a 15 minute affair and he is refusing to get out of line to handle it so eventually they just give him the guacamole for free and tell him to never come back. The smug look on his face he had feeling like he “won” when all he did was save a dollar was pretty bad I can’t imagine what Christmas was like for ewiz

<05:27:01> alightsoul: can’t really give out much info on my dad
<05:27:09> alightsoul: you’d be able to find him with a google search

<04:03:42> alightsoul: my dad’s advisor in college was the guy who invented the LED
<17:16:52> alightsoul: yeah my dad is credited as basically inventing modern cybersecurity

Don’t google search his dad.


damn what a coincidence i saw ewizs dad at a chipotle myself then i FUCKED HIS ASS in the bathroom #glazed


theres no way alightsouls dad is that

i thought nick holonyak jr was dead and then i ran into him at a dinner after some talk and i freaked the FUCK out

Alightsoul? What?



thats asoul but he’s jones pretending to be ewiz? Fuck