Examining Jan 6th with the Sept 18th "protests"

Jan 6th


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You know what I'm not even going to engage. Not worth my time

That's because you are incapable of mentally engaging with anything lmao.


you get a room full of attention seeking dipshits to pose for a camera by pointing a camera at them. really simple.

or they were staged and put there in order to make a bunch of people with smart phones and cameras look dangerous lol

but yeah "Attention seeking" is some high copium thought process

trump supported it, was he in on it?

He supported their right to protest, which is in our constitution you know.

There were agent provocateurs at the rally, just like there were at the Sep 18th rally.

There was a massive amount of ANTIFA members pretending to be "maga folk"
Coincidentally the same Antifa pretending to be MAGAFOLKS were the ones who escorted Ashley Babbit to her death and filmed it.

It was a setup and staged/

Take your meds bro

You can tell numeta doesn’t go on /pol/ because even people on /pol/ would tell him to take his meds

Just 2 more weeks and trump will take control and arrest all the pedos WWG1WGA

Numeta proving once again that the education system needs more funding

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Feel free to disprove anything I said or posted.

Evidence > your peabrains

feel free to provide evidence that the clintons are raping and eating children

god how fucking childish do you have to be to believe that thats so fucking ■■■■■■■■ LMAO literal elementary school gossip shit

They prey to moloch and they spirit cook.

Need I say more?

Podesta email? Epstein? Maxwell? Haiti ? Comet Ping Pong?

Everything they have lied about came true, what makes you think this is any different brainlet.

why do you keep ignoring trump being friends with epstein? he literally says "he prefers his girlfriends young" like what the fuck do you mean LMAO

Weird how there's a perfect excuse for human error in every circumstance named

He was friends but that doesn't mean Trump knew Epstein was fucking children on some island with a bunch of DNC people.

Stop pretending like Trump can predict the future or read minds you brainlet.

Trump is the reason Epstein was jailed. Keep ignoring reality.