experience at my local computer meetup

so I went to a defcon, software security type meetup on sunday as they were holding a presentation on how to use Kali Linux, and I want to eventually become a red teamer and join a pentesting company so I thought I might learn something new or at least refresh my skills. I take a seat with my thinkpad next to a large black man and a woman in her early 20s who had a young child (hers?) in the seat next to her, and we’re all booted into kali, and I notice how the black guy next to me is struggling with the terminal so I show him some basic coreutil type stuff, how to navigate the shell, etc. and he asks me how I’m so good at this, and I tell him that I use linux full time. fast foward to 15 minutes later, and one of the organizers comes up to me with a few other guys and tells me that I have to leave because some of the attendees don’t feel comfortable with me being there and feel that the child who was present was at risk. we argue and effectively they end up calling me a pedophile, and then grab me and escort me out, not even letting me grab some pizza to go at the refreshment table.

i go home, wondering how the fuck they came to the conclusion that I was a pedophile. i search around and realize that the woman who sat across from me got up to talk to the organizer about 5 minutes after I had helped the guy next ot me with his shell. i go to the attendees page, find her twitter, and lo and behold it’s just filled with crap about how linux is for pedophiles, and anyone who uses linux full time is a threat to children and shouldn’t be allowed in society.

this blows my mind that people out there can be so close minded, im sort of reeling and don’t know what to do. im posting this to /r/sysadmin in hopes of learnign that this was a freak accident, and im the only one who has had this happen to them.


reminder that women who hate men will attempt to ruin them any chance they get.

the man hating women flow chart goes like this

Am i sexually attracted to him?
if yes see if he likes u
If no do something mean to him
If he doesnt like you do something mean to him
If he does like u, fuck him, OR ELSE.

Isn’t this equally valid for some men

of course.