Experience with Alzheimer's/Dementia?

Any one have family members or friends that have had Alzheimer's/Dementia? Share your story and your experiences.


My great grandma had it. She never got angry over being confused. That was nice. I remember visiting her in the Alzheimer's care facility and feeling uncomfortable that the passcodes for doors were basic math equations posted next to them. It's hard to realize how incapacitated they are in day to day life.

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Thank you for sharing.

my dad's aunt, but I hardly knew her

one of my best college buds granddad had it, was really tough on his family. horrible disease, would consider suicide if I thought it was progressing in myself

It does seem like it would be a very scary and disturbing experience, not only for the individual, but for those close to the individual. Thank you for sharing.

My grandpa had dementia and shits pree bad. He didn't remember who I was besides being a little kid usually. Shit seems horrible would prob kill myself

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Hopefully they will cure by the time I'm old because with my sleep habits i'll be fucked

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I think the thing that bothers me most about mental deterioration is that it can drastically change people without them being able to realize or rationalize what is happening to them. It highlights our vulnerability as mortals in a way that other illnesses don't seem capable of coming close to. I feel it might have something to do with our memory and ability to be in consensus with each other. When we lose the ability to remember, or form memories, it can be very isolating. There is something very dehumanizing about mental deterioration. Is a person incapable of memory still viewed as a person? Can a society exist without it's memory?

My Grandpa has Dementia and it's real bad but some days there will be a shed of light. My mother was the one child that stayed close to her parents so I grew up really close to my grandparents. I think the saddest thing between his Dementia and other health issues(kidney failure, blood pressure, lack of appetite) is that there isn't a day when Grandpa is going to be better.

The one thing that's always gotten through to me, is that even though you'll have the same conversation 3x over the course of hanging out with him for an hour is he's repeating old stories but I've heard them so many times I'll never forget them. It's a weird sort of thing that I feel is the last bit of his consciousness telling me, and others, to never forget him.


That is sweet of you to think. Thank you for sharing.

Im probably going to have it in the future. Both grannies had it

my late grandfather suffered parkinson's and alzheimer's, he was on his early 90s

i was rather young so it was scary at times, and couldn't help but feel passing was a relief for himself, grandmother and to the rest of the family