Facecuck in full 1984 mode.




Take your meds

Stop letting Putin farm your brain dumbfuck

probably need a numeta containment thread


Can we just have a shadow-board where numeta and refpsi can post to each other or just send them to reddit or something

I would rather let them get it out of their system on this forum than elsewhere.

I wouldn't

I understand. I am biased because I am easily entertained.

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Posts like this throw me into existential crisis about the people who I share air with

Like where the fuck did your life go wrong

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This fucking idiot is going to go through his entire life dead and there's nothing I can do about it

Slowdive your life isn't great either

I'd put you at 55% sanity

You're neighbors with nyte

Me? 93% sanity

You cannot be above 95% sanity and also be on this site, so I'm nearly perfect, by my own standards

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Fair enough

Close enough

Nyte 59
Jones 21
KrazyKat 79
Nmagane 33
Kaptenrobert 80
Yns 45
Wingdingi 90
Hitler 70
Huber 83

Matticus 93

I might be more sane than yns, nice. I only see him playing CS like all the time nowadays I wonder what he's doing

Kyle exactly 50