fave ways of consuming marijuana

I personally really enjoy THC in pill form now. Drinking it is nice but expensive.

eating the chocolates or gummies. i think my liver is fucked up cuz if i take the thc oil or pills it always hits me like 5 hours later or something. maybe i need to take it with food.

im not very tolerant to weed anymore and dont like anymore than like 3mg. anything else and my minds races and i get insanely hungry. also ruins my enjoyment of movies because for some reason thc makes it impossible for me to suspend disbelief and so when i consume tv or movies all i see are actors on a set and all i can think about is how no one would ever talk/act that way etc...

If you’re taking it without eating it should not take that long wtf

pills do take longer for me up to 3 or more hours

bro those pills fucking suck dick

just smoke weed if u want to use weed daily

ive had those exact ones, they are worthless

smoking weed is like doing freebase. way too potent. only crack heads still smoke weed.


they work perfectly fine for me and i dont have to consume sugar or smoke

u must have a low ass tolerance

I wanna try those but the shogun would have me arrested.

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high tolerance isnt something to be proud of

get a life



each pill is 10 milligrams. 10 milligram will get me high if i dont take anything all day. Ive been popping these all day yesterday so yeah lol

who says im proud of it?

just commenting that u have a low tolerance thats all

i wish i did too